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Training Opportunities

SYD Staff Training

Schaedler Yesco puts great effort into ensuring our teams are well trained and knowledgeable. Our teams are equipped to accept training in various ways:

  • In Person (groups or one-on-one)

  • Virtual (live training via Teams, Zoom or other tool. We will request that the training is recorded for use by others)

  • Pre-recorded training (we will upload to our own Digital platform, SYD University, via BlueVolt)

  • Direct link to BlueVolt (our system is linked to your BlueVolt system)

    • Does your company have training on BlueVolt too? Reach out to to learn how we can connect our systems.

When developing training, please include the following information:

  • Product overview (features, benefits, pricing comparison)

  • Appropriate targets / prospects (who is the best target for the product / service? Why?)

  • Sales strategy (what challenges does the product / service overcome? WIIFM? What is the best way to sell this product / service?)

  • Consider if the training can be used by all staff or if different training is needed for different positions

Customer Training Webinars: Webinars are a great way to gauge interest in a product / service with low time commitment. We plan to hold a series of 20 minute Webinars that will be available to customers "live." We'll also record the events for on-demand viewing later. Our goal is to capture viewers and provide data to our teams for follow up. If you are interested in this option, more information can be found on our marketing opportunities page.

Groups: When appropriate, we will also work with you to arrange group training to specific targets. This can be virtual or live. Depending on the group and the location, you will work with the product manager, the sales team or marketing. Costs for this type of training will be covered by your marketing funds and must be approved by the Marketing department. Individuals: This type of training is likely more involved than other types. You will work with a specific sales rep to arrange this.


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