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How do I run a Promotion?

We love working with our partners to drive sales! But there are some processes and procedures we follow to ensure a successful outcome for all involved.

  1. Review your idea with SYD personnel. This could be a sales manager, an executive manager, or Marketing.

  2. Make sure you provide details:

    1. What's the goal?

    2. What products are included?

    3. What SYD Branches are included?

    4. What Customer Type is your target?

    5. What Documentation is needed?

    6. What funds are provided by you vs. from MDF?

    7. How do we need to push to our staff and customers?

  3. Regardless of how small the audience, Schaedler Yesco is serious about ethical conduct and follows Marketing Laws. Sweepstakes or other efforts that include consideration (ie: must buy something to get a chance to win), require a no-purchase way to enter. We are happy to help with this.

  4. All marketing tools must be reviewed by SYD Marketing and reviewed for accurate branding, fine print and messaging.

  5. Before anything is communicated to SYD staff, Marketing, and Exec Sales Management MUST approve the initiative.

It's not difficult! Just takes a bit of communication and planning.

Your main marketing contact is Janna Hoffman -- 717-233-1621 x2310 or

We will review your goals, tools, process and funding for the initiative.

After the marketing team has this information, they will confirm with internal teams and advise you of the next steps.

When possible, please begin conversations about promotions and launches two months in advance. This allows all of us to prepare and execute successfully.


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