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Does SYD allow Spiffs for their Sales team?

Schaedler Yesco Distribution encourages and supports SPIF / SPIFF programs as incentives for sales personnel including inside sales, counter sales and outside sales.

Any incentive program available to Schaedler Yesco personnel, outside of regular compensation, must be reviewed and approved by the Schaedler Yesco Executive Sales Management Group prior to being offered. Programs offered must align with company sales objectives and not hinder the sales process in any way.

In order to submit a request to offer an incentive to Schaedler Yesco sales teams, please email the following information to: at least 1 month in advance of the proposed start date.

  • Goal(s) of the program

  • Will a product promotion or discount be tied to the incentive? If so, provide details

  • Beginning and end dates of the incentive

  • Qualifying product(s)

  • Reward details (is the reward per item sold, for gross sales of item, other criteria)

  • Process for tracking (who tracks the sales, how, who calculates rewards)

  • Method of payout (physical item, gift card, cash) NOTE: Cash payouts must be run through Schaedler Yesco payroll

  • Who will disseminate payout

You will be notified of approval within 2 weeks of submission and be provided with further instructions as needed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Kimberley M. Downs Director of Marketing 717-233-1621 x4737


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