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Challenge Campaigns

Our strategy is to sell solutions and the expertise we and our partners have to develop those solutions. Each campaign includes

  • Video envelope with your custom message between the intro and outro (you provide visuals and bullets, we do the rest. Note: there is no voice over for the customized section.)

  • Placement on a Campaign landing page on the SYD website

  • Distribution on 28 SYDtv units throughout the SYD territories at least (2) weeks during the year

  • Distribution on FaceBook, LinkedIn & Twitter at least (2) times during the year

  • Email sharing via corporate email blast

  • Email template for sales reps to use at will and share with potential buyers of your product / service

Campaign: Small Changes, Big Results Message: Even small changes with products or processes can have a meaningful effect on the customer's business. SYD is here to help them identify ways to make incremental and painless changes that will drive productivity, efficiency, and savings. View video here

Campaign: More Upside, Less Downtime Message: Downtime, whether at a factory, jobsite or office can wreak havoc on productivity. This campaign encourages a plan to avoid downtime and choose products to help reduce the chances of a failure. View video here

Campaign: More Value, Less Worry Message: With so many moving pieces, keeping your eye on the ball is challenging. We can help manage efficiency and productivity by looking at processes and recommending new products, services and solutions. View video here


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